- Proven over many centuries, the smell of Mustela mammal (Ferret) triggers fear in rats and mice causing them to flee! 

- Around the year 2000 B.C., it is believed that the Egyptians were the first to keep ferrets for the control of mice.

- In America, during the 1800 and 1900s the “Ferretmeister” brought ferrets to farms and granaries for rodent control and small farms kept ferrets as a deterrent.

- From then to today much has changed, but one thing hasn’t: mice still love to come into our homes and mice are still terrified of our friend the ferret.

- You can have all the benefits of the Mustela mammal odor in a safe and easy to use container with Mouse-B-Gone

- Mouse-B-Gone contains the natural smell from happy and healthy genus Mustela mammals; otherwise known as the common pet ferret, its like a "ferret in a bottle!

- And in case you wonder where we get our ferret smell, you can be assured all of our ferrets who provide the product are part of "our family" so you know that Mouse-B-Gone is created with love!

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Mousebgone.com is your best, green, natural and most affordable source of

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Here you will find an amazing natural and green product that is better than chemicals,
rodent traps, rodent baits, rodent control chemicals or extermination processes.


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   How We Came to Develop Mouse-B-Gone  

Cats are not Ferrets

Do not confuse cat, bobcat or coyote odor with ferret odor!


Mustela mammals travel underground in tunnels while cats do not.

Thus, rodents do not have the same innate fear of cat odor as they have of ferret odor.

Natural Rodent Deterrent, Best Mouse Repellent, Natural Mice Control For Your Mice Problems

"I have to tell you that since we have
received the containers, we have not
seen one mouse or drop in the house;
like a miracle...really efficient!

I am so glad"   

Do you have Rodent, Mouse, or Mice Problems?

Areas to use Mouse-B-Gone

deters mice, rats and other rodents from infesting homes, outbuildings, barns, sheds, shops, garages, boats, and RVs.

Mouse-B-Gone is completely natural, safe, green and harmless to humans, domestic pets, and wild animals (when used as directed).

Mouse-B-Gone does not require the settings of traps or the disposal of dead or injured pest animals.

Mouse-B-Gone prevents the initial entry, and repels rather than attracts rodents as do traps and poisons.



If you answered YES to any of these questions, the solution to your dilemma is:

Choose your number of containers
Choose your number of containers

When and How to use Mouse-B-Gone

"Before the initial infestation   or   After rodents have been detected"

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6 Containers

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Choose your number of containers
Choose your number of containers

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Natural Mouse Deterrent and Repellant 

"Rodents Flee in Terror from
Scent of Predator!"

Choose your number of containers

100% Natural, Safe and Green for All:
The Earth, Humans, Pets
and even the Mouse!

Mouse-B-Gone Uses Natural Rodent Fear

As a direct result of our home being infested by mice and getting frustrated when they were on the kitchen counters, we started using the raw product about 1992. 

After seeing the results over a few years, we decided that there were probably many other folks like us who would like to use something that was effective, safe for pets, and easy to use.

Our many customers over the years would agree with that!

We have been developing, testing, manufacturing, marketing and selling Mouse-B-Gone since 1995.

Our commercial customers include natural pet stores on the east coast and in Washington State and individuals all over the USA. 

Ready for a Mouse Free Home?

Only $37.97 for 6 Containers

General suggestions are four – six containers per 1000 square feet, each floor; Add a container for each additional 500 square feet.

In homes place containers near access areas
- next to door openings and along walls
- under sinks and stoves
- near storage areas, garbage cans, and pet feeding areas
- in cabinets and holes in walls (if a whole exists, put container in a nylon sock or tie with a string and hang away from all electrical wiring)

RV, boats and stored cars
- place a container in engine areas and storage areas

Barns and sheds
- place containers near food bins, hay storage, tack and at the corners of the open doorway

The idea is to place a container along the path a rodent would travel while trying to get into the area you wish to be rodent free.

Keep in mind that the more entry access there is for rodents, the more containers you will need. The less access, fewer containers
are required.

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Only $37.97 for 6 Containers

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- Are you concerned about using poisons around pets, children, and wildlife?
- Does maiming and  disposal of animals keep you from using live traps?
- Does having mice stuck to glue traps  seem unpleasant?
- Does having animals die and rot in  inaccessible locations leave you gagging? 
- Does your cat lose more mice then it  gets rid of?